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On the 22nd August 2018 the new EU regulation (1139/2018) was published on the Official Journal of the European Union. This regulation establishes common rules in the field of civil aviation and will entry into force on the 11th September 2018.

The new basic regulation will extend EASA competencies to aerodromes, airport operators, ground-handling services and will simplify administrative procedures for general aviation.

General guidelines to operate with unmanned aircraft are also defined, including operations with aircraft with a maximum take-off mass less than 150 kg which were previously regulated only by national authorities (CAAs).

The rationale behind this choice is represented by the observation that unmanned aircraft share the same airspace of manned aviation, regardless their size.

The text defines the essential requirements for the UAS design, manufacturing and maintenance processes, the operational activities , and the criteria for the operator registration.

It is prescribed that operator registration will be mandatory when operating with:

  • unmanned aircraft which, in the case of impact, can transfer, to a human, kinetic energy above 80 Joules;
  • unmanned aircraft whose operation presents risks to privacy, protection of personal data, security or the environment;
  • unmanned aircraft whose design is subject to certification pursuant to Article 56(1) of the regulation.

The aim of the new regulation on unmanned aircraft is to establish safety and security criteria to be uniformly adopted by the EU as a function of the risk of the operation. The level of risk will depend on both the features of the aircraft and the operational environment.

In conclusion Regulation 1139/2018 actually paves the way for the forthcoming new European basic regulation which is being developed by the Commission in accordance with the work done by EASA.

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