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Agreement between EuroUSC Italia and Percepto

05 November 2018, Rome (Italy)
Press Release


November, Rome, Italy. EuroUSC Italia and Percepto signed an agreement for mutual support for safer beyond visual line of sight flights worldwide. EuroUSC Italia will actively support Percepto by provding its long experience on regulatory and safety aspects of drone operations worldwide to ease the authorization of BVLOS operations in different locations. Percepto will have the possibility to market additional services as part of their business offer, that will be provided by EuroUSC Italia on its behalf.

This agreement comes at the end of a fruitful collaboration that had its apex in the successful Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flight campaign that was carried out in Italy within the framework of the experimental campaign promoted by ENAC (Ente Nazionale per l’Aviazione Civile) and ENAV, the Italian Air Navigation Service Provider. These experiments, which involve several stakeholders, drone manufacturers and operators all over Italy are expected to support the definition of a BVLOS regulation in Italy.

“Percepto is focused on applications of our autonomous drone technology that have real world impacts in industry. EuroUSC Italia sees this vision, and together we’re building a safe, repeatable process for compliant operations that organizations can trust and adopt. We were proud to work with EuroUSC on this campaign that concluded successfully with the first ever Beyond Visual Line of Site waiver for drone operation granted in Italy to a foreign operator” said Dor Abuahsira, CEO of Percepto.

The services that EuroUSC Italia will provide as part of the agreement range from the assessment of regulatory frameworks wordwide, to the revision of documentation, the development of risk assessments based on SORA methodology and the support for obtaining operational authorizations.

“I am convinced that drones will progressively become more relevant for industrial monitoring applications. Low level operations beyond pilot sight are the next frontier. This agreement with Percepto will allow us to keep contributing to establish them in a safe and regulatory compliant manner” added Marco Ducci, CEO of EuroUSC Italia.

Percepto developed an unmanned aircraft system capable of conducting BVLOS flights safely, completely adhering to local regulations requirements. The system is designed with highly automated safety features and includes a number of effective contingency procedures which allow the drone to safely return and land in the designated area in case of any malfunction.

EuroUSC Italia is a consultancy company specialised in drone regulations and safety. They are among the lead experts on worldwide emerging drone regulations and the newly developed SORA methodology for authorizing operations in the EASA “Specific” Category.

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