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International Regulation of Non-Military Drones: the new Publication of Mr. Filippo Tomasello and Miss Anna Masutti

04 January 2019, Rome (Italy)
Press Release

The new publication of Anna Masutti and Filippo Tomasello is officially available for the purchase on the Edward Elgar Publishing web site. 

The increasing civilian use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs) is not yet associated with a comprehensive regulatory framework, however new rules are rapidly emerging which aim to address this shortfall. This insightful book offers a thorough examination of the most up-to-date developments, and considers potential ways to address the various concerns surrounding the use of UASs in relation to safety, security, privacy and liability. 

Summarising the technical aspects of non-military drones in an accessible manner, the authors illustrate why UASs have led to an inevitable shift in aviation safety – from ‘aircraft centric’ to ‘operation centric’ policies. They explain the three ‘categories’ of operation of civil drones promoted by JARUS and EASA and offer a thorough exploration of the new ICAO Remote Pilot Licence, which will enter into force in 2022.

‘The two authors, of renowned and indisputable reputation, qualification and authority, rise to their challenge with great skill. They analyse and comment in an admirable and organized progression, all critical aspects of the civil use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, which are addressed through a comprehensive approach and developed topically, including safety and
security issues, operations, liability, insurance, privacy and data protection.’
– Alessio Quaranta, Director General, Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC)

‘Anna Masutti and Filippo Tomasello, are prominent experts and authors in the field of international and European air law and should be praised for picking up the challenge to approach the civil use of drones from an impressive variety of angles. Their effort should all the more be respected because many of the questions which affect such operations are either in statu nascendi or they are not yet regulated at all. Hence this works forms an important and essential contribution not only to the establishment of the status quo of domestic, European
and international regulation but also as a source of inspiration for legislators, policymakers, academics and stakeholders on how to shape a new regulatory environment.’

– Pablo Mendes de Leon, Professor of Air and Space law and Head of Department/executive chair of the Department of Air and Space Law Leiden University, the Netherlands

‘The work sheds light on the fascinating subject of non-military drones, which are generating both excitement and concerns about how they should be regulated. . . This is an essential read for anyone wishing to understand how to develop an effective regulatory approach when confronted with an emerging new phenomenon, which puts into question more traditional models. Both Mr. Tomasello and Mrs. Masutti are world recognized experts who approach this subject on the basis of an original methodology which draws on the most recent debates and events in this field.’

– Daniel Calleja Crespo, Director-General for Environment, European Commission – DG Environment, Director for Air Transport at the European Commission November 2004 to February 2011


  • Anna Masutti, Senior Partner, Lexjus Sinacta Law Firm and Professor, University of Bologna;
  • Filippo Tomasello, Senior Partner, EuroUSC Italia Ltd and Professor, University Giustino Fortunato, Italy. 

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