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ISO 8th Plenary Meeting in London: new standards for the UTM

The 8th Plenary meeting of Sub-Committee SC/16 (UAS) of Technical Committee TC/20 (Aerospace) of the International Standard Organisation (ISO) took place in London from 24 to 28 June 2019.

The Plenary meeting was attended by about 80 experts from all over the world, including France, Germany and Italy. Since its establishment in 2015, the participation constantly grew, demonstrating the credibility of SC/16 is increasing. Italy (UNI) was represented by Filippo Tomasello, Senior Partner of EuroUSC Italia.

ISO SC/16 is developing international standards for the design and production of civil drones, but also for some applications, for related personnel (including but not limited to remote pilots), for operator companies and for operations, as well as for UAS Traffic Management (UTM).

ISO has well established certification mechanisms which perfectly matches the new “risk-based” common European rules on unmanned aircraft for the open and specific category and the Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA) for which EuroUSC Italia has already put online the SAMWISE tool.

The meeting has reached three important milestones.

Firstly, it approved the new ISO standard 21384-3 (Operations and operators) to pass to the final voting phase (FDIS). This means that UAS operators, from all over the world, may contact EuroUSC Italia to be supported for obtaining the safety and quality ISO attestation, specific for drones.

Secondly, the Plenary tasked Filippo Tomasello to develop a New Work Item Proposal for “Operation of vertiports for unmanned aircraft”, including safety and quality of the vertiport operator. This Work Item would be parallel to one on “vertiports infrastructure and equipment” which SC/17 (aerodromes) may launch. Filippo Tomasello is already Liaison Officer in ISO TC/20 between the two Sub-Committees.

Finally, SC/16 requested its WG 4 (“UAS Traffic Management (UTM)) to provide a proposal for a new work item entitled, “Requirements for UTM services and service providers” (ISO 23629-12). Filippo Tomasello was appointed project leader.

John Walker, Chairman of SC/16 declared: “I am happy about the growth of SC/16 and, knowing Filippo since several years, I am sure that he will contribute to future safe progress of drone operations in urban areas, for which UTM and vertiports are key enablers”.

Filippo Tomasello added: “I am very honoured by the thrust which the colleagues put on me. I am confident that last mile cargo UAS will change the organisation of major logistic companies. I look forward for them to join ISO and contribute to these new tasks which in the end will lead to certification without overloading the aviation authorities”.

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