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Seoul hosting the International Seminar on Safety Policy and Regulation

The International Seminar on Safety Policy and Regulation for civil drones took place in Seoul on 05 September 2019 at the presence of Mr Kwon Yong-Bok, Deputy Minister for Civil Aviation of the Republic of South Korea and of Prof. Jaehak Oh, President of the Korean Transport Institute (KOTI). The International guests were Prof. Liu Hao of the Beihang University (China) and Prof. Filippo Tomasello of University Giustino Fortunato and senior partner of EuroUSC Italia.

Prof. Tomasello delivered the keynote speech highlighting the roots of the EU safety regulation on civil drones, which include the historical heritage form the age of Illuminism, the EU regulation of safety of industrial products (e.g. the CE Mark)  and the performance-based and risk-based approach to regulation, which led to Commission Regulation 2019/947, operation centric and establishing three risk-based categories for drone operations. He concluded stating that presently, Far East manufacturers are the leaders in the market for small drones, but the EU is leader for regulation and standardisation, while the USA are lagging behind.

The debate showed significant interest from the States of North-Eastern Asia for the EU approach to safety regulation of drones.

Mrs Franz Kihan Song, Chief Director for aviation research at KOTI declared: “We thank Prof. Tomasello very much for his participation, since after his speech we now much better understand the European approach to safety regulation of UAS”.

Prof. Liu Hao added: “Indeed our industry looks at EU rules and standards to design their drones and I would say that the European cultural approach is very close to Confucian philosophy which is common to several States in North East Asia.

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