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EuroUSC Italia at the Third International Forum on drones standardization

A new international result for EuroUSC Italia and the University Giustino Fortunato: Prof. Filippo Tomasello presented the “Service Providers” in aviation and, in particular, for the UAS Traffic Management (UTM aka U-Space) in Nanjing at the 3rd Forum International on drone standardization. The event was organized by the China Aero-Polytechnology Establishment (CAPE), supported by the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) and the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).
Among international guests Mr. John Walker, President of the SC/16 Sub-Committee (UAS) of the International Standard Organization (ISO), Mr. Christian Schleifer, General Secretary of Eurocae and Prof. Tomasello, Senior Partner of EuroUSC Italia and Professor of Air Traffic Control and Air Transport Safety Complements for the Course in Transport Science and Technology at the University of Giustino Fortunato.
Professor Tomasello gave a report, pointing out that at the dawn of ICAO (1944) it was believed that only the technical aspects of the airplane and the professional competence of the pilot were sufficient to ensure flight safety. After the tragic collision in Tenerife (1977), which caused nearly 600 victims, civil aviation understood that it was also important to regulate the “organizations” (airlines, airport operators and so on). The expert concluded his speech by stating that “Since aviation is increasingly supported by services based on digital technologies, it becomes important to ensure the supervision of new service providers from the security point of view”. The debate showed a significant interest from the companies that are developing systems for UAS Traffic Management (UTM).
The Chairman of the SC/16 Sub-Committee (UAS) of ISO Mr. John Walker thanked prof. Tomasello “for his constant and active participation in SC/16 and for guiding the project on the new standard for UTM Service Providers”. Mrs Gao Liwen, President of the Forum’s organizing committee added: “We are delighted to have hosted Filippo once again in China and we appreciate his continued commitment to harmonize the efforts of all drone entities, including the European Union and the Republic of China“.

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