EuroUSC Italia – Drone services and regulations

How to apply to ENAC

In order to obtain a PFAW for flying in Italy all RPAS Pilots have to apply to ENAC for a:

  • Declaration: for non-critical  and critical operations in standard scenarios;
  • Authorization: for critical operations not included in standard scenarios. 

First of all, foreign Pilots have to convert their License into the Italian one recognized by ENAC. 

We offer a Conversion Course (in partnership with the Flight School Aerovision for helping them to convert their Pilot Attestation and obtain the Italian Tax code. If you want to know more, click here

The second step for the Pilots who already have an Italian License is to collect all the required documentation:

  • Operations Manual;
  • Flight Manual;
  • Maintenance Manual;
  • RPAS Configuration System Document;
  • Risk Assessment;
  • Flight trials document;
  • Flight Logbook;
  • Medical License;
  • RPAS Serial Numbers and tags.

Once the documents are ready, the Pilot can fill in and submit the online Declaration Form for non-critical / standard scenarios operations or the Authorization for critical operations.

We offer our support to collect all the required documentation, fill in and send the forms, following the process until publication by ENAC. 

Three service options: 
  1. Compilation and filling of the Declaration: 600,00 € + VAT;
  2. Compilation and filling of the Application for the Authorization:
  • 900,00€ + VAT if the operator provides the safety assessment including calculation of the buffer;
  • 1200,00 € + VAT if we provide the operator with the safety risk assessment.
N.B. The costs of our services do not include the fees of ENAC: 
  • 94,00€ for the Declaration for non-critical/standard scenarios operations;

  •  309,00€ for the Authorization to critical operations in no-standard scenarios

Please, note that in both cases the ENAC fee has to be paid in advance by the Operator through the website “Servizi online” and the invoice number has to be added on the Declaration/Authorization form. 
For more info, CONTACT US!

– The Declaration for non-critical /standard scenarios operations is published on the website more or less 48h after the submission;

– The Authorization for critical operations not falling into standard scenarios requires more time,depending on the complexity of the operative scenario.




RPAS registration on D-Flight website

Once published on the ENAC website, each Operator muster register his drones on D-Flight, in order to receive che QR code identifying the RPAS.                                                For more info click here