EuroUSC Italia – Drone services and regulations

RPAS Registration on D-Flight

Starting from 01 August 2018 all the RPAS operators wishing to fly in Italy (both those already accredited and those who want to apply), will have to associate, through the dedicated D-Flight service, their registration number with their own drone, supplying the requested data and simultaneously asking for the release of a QR code for each RPAS they intend to use. The QR code obtained will be printed and applied on the RPAS before its operational use.

The QR codes issued free of charge until the date of 31 July 2018 will no longer be considered valid and also previous credentials to the old site are no more valid, so you have to register again as a new user at the following link:

For the generation of the QR code, it is necessary to have the reference number of the declaration (for non-critical operators) or the authorization (for critical operators).

The drone operations and the use of the D-Flight services for users that fall within the ENAC Regulation are subject to the payment of a fee.

The registration to the portal is free. However, the use of some services dedicated to RPAS operators (e.g. the official publication of the No Fly Zones), including the QR code generation service, will be subject to the payment of an annual fee of € 20,00 + VAT. Also for the issue of the QR code is required the payment of a one-time fee for the regulation and surveillance activities carried out by ENAC. The fee amount is € 5,00 for each drone.

EuroUSC Italia support the Operators in registering on the D-flight website and generating the QR Codes at the cost of € 50,00 excluding the abovementioned service registration fees.

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