The 10th Plenary meeting of the ISO TC/20 Sub-Committee SC/16 on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) took place virtually on 18 and 19 November 2020, chaired by Mr John Walker of the American National Standard Institute (ANSI).

The delegation of the Italian UNI was led by Filippo Tomasello, senior partner of EuroUSC Italia and project leader inside SC/16 for development of ISO 5051-2 on vertiport operations and of ISO 23629-12 on UAS Traffic Management (UTM) and related Service Providers.

The 1st Plenary meeting of SC/16 had been held in Washington in June 2015, with a dozen of participants representing 5 ISO States. In five years, the membership rose to 30 States and, in fact, the 10th Plenary was attended by slightly more than 100 experts.

SC/16 has already produced three published ISO standards and one Technical Report. Several are under development. Among them, the 10th Plenary resolved to turn 5015-2 and 23629-12 from “Working Draft” to “Committee Draft” for wider consultation, according to the ISO procedure.

John Walker, chairman of SC/16 declared: “I wish to thank all participants to the Sub-Committee for their enthusiasm, which has led to constant growth of the membership and of the activities along the years. ISO may in fact contribute to complement legal rules on UAS/UTM at the level of Acceptable Means of Compliance”.

Damiano Taurino, Coordinator of the EU funded project AW-Drones added: “We consider with the greatest attention the work of SC/16 to include their deliverables into the “metastandard” which we are producing to support SORA”.

Filippo Tomasello, Senior Partner of EuroUSC Italia, stated: “I am very happy that 5015-2 and 23629-12 were upgraded to the CD stage, which is a key milestone in the ISO development process, because they could complement ICAO standards and EU common rules on UAS and UTM,  listing requirements for organisations which are a key element for safety and security in contemporary aviation”.