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JAA-TO UAS – OPS: Professional operations of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

Particularly at European level, UAS regulations are in constant development due to the committed work of regulatory bodies such as ICAO, JARUS and EASA. The European approach follows an operation centric approach, diving operations into three main categories: Category A (Open) with rigorous limitations, Category B (Specific) requiring a full risk analysis prior to receiving authorisation to operate, and Category C (Certified) which requires the certification of the drone and its operator, as per ICAO standards.


Attendees will gain the following competencies:

  • Full understanding of regulatory processes to operate within the three categories: Open, Specific ad Certified
  • Ability to identify limits and operational risks linked to operations in each category
  • Ability to plan the adjustment of their business to the new European regulatory framework


The two-day course is comprised of eleven lessons, three group exercises and a final one-hour exam. Topics covered include:

  • Drone operations and European regulations developed by ICAO, JARUS and EASA
  • Open and Specific categories, with particular attention given to operations in the Specific category
  • Basic services and future employment of the U-Space
  • Competencies of personnel operating in the drone sector and drafting of an Operations Manual


  • Executives, officials involved in the process of adjustment to current regulations and national CAA inspectors

  • Entrepreneurs involved in drone operations and in remote pilot training programs who require to broaden their knowledge on the current regulatory framework

  • Remote pilot instructors and examiners

  • Personnel operating with Air Navigation Service Providers

NB: the course is particularly relevant for attendees of ECAC countries. For further information, visit the JAA-TO website

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