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JAA-TO UAS – INI: Basics of European regulations of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

With the 2018 extension of the EASA mandate to all drones under 150kg, and the 2019 introduction of new common implementing rules, Europe is driving towards the progressive sharing of the technical standards and laws which regulate the UAS sector.
The UAS – INI course is held at the JAA-TO (Joint Aviation Authorities Training Organisation), providing essential understanding to new emerging rules on safety, civil and criminal liability, privacy and data protection.


Attendees will gain the following competencies:

  • Identification and knowledge of international and European drone regulations
  • Full understanding of ICAO, JARUS, EU and AESA non-military drone norms
  • Identification of new opportunities or weak spots in personal businesses, in the light of the current regulatory context


The course is comprised of eleven lessons, two group exercises and a final one-hour exam. Three macro-areas are covered:

  • General introduction on the innovative aspects of drones, alongside the relative legal and social issues linked to their use (safety, privacy and data protection, responsibility and insurance)
  • European and global regulatory framework
  • Common EU regulations, with particular emphasis on the applicable technical standardsi


  • Executives, officials and national CAA inspectors

  • Managers, technical experts and aviation personnel involved in drone operations

  • Security officers in the aviation industry

  • Entrepreneurs involved in drone operations and in remote pilot training programs who require to broaden their knowledge on the regulatory framework in order to develop their business

  • Remote pilot instructors and examiners

  • Personnel operating with Air Navigation Service Providers or with Air Traffic Management

For further information, visit the JAA-TO website

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