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Safety in Drone Operations

The topic of safety is undoubtedly amongst the most discussed in the aviation industry. Likewise, it is necessary for the drone sector to align its safety standards to those of traditional aviation, while keeping in consideration its differences.
EuroUSC Italia offers a course on aviation safety, current legislation on the topic of safety for drone operations, risk assessment procedures and SORA methodology, as recommended by EASA.


The course offers:

  • A clear comprehension of aviation safety complete of definitions, taxonomy, processes and regulatory references.
  • A complete guideline of the legislations regarding drone operations, with particular emphasis on safety regulations.
  • An exhaustive presentation of risk analysis methodologies, to allow participants to conduct their own preliminary analyses, applying them to a specific aeronautical safety framework
  • Basic guidelines for the application of the SORA (Specific Operations Risk Assessment) methodology, developed by JARUS for the evaluation of risks in drone operations


The course is delivered in Italian, and is comprised of:

  • A theoretical part, covering processes and regulatory references relative to aeronautical safety in a context of drone operations, alongside the relevant risk analysis methodologies.
  • A practical part, with the verification of acquired skills via exercises simulating realistic scenarios.


  • Professional operators and remote pilots who wish to expand their knowledge on aeronautical safety
  • Safety Advisers for training centres

  • Consultants and Security Officers

  • Universities and research centres interested in the study of drones and drone operations

  • Public authorities that wish to implement drones in their operations

  • Other professionals interested in drones and risk analysis methodologies

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