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Soft-skills and Crew Resource Management

The course Soft-skills and Crew Resource Management is an experiential training program, where participants work in teams to face and resolve adverse work-related situations in the best possible way. The course also includes the computer simulation of a mission specifically designed to improve soft skills such as communication, leadership, situational awareness, decision-making, and teamwork. The course not only improves the soft skills but also clearly demonstrates to participants how these improvements lead to improved performance. The CRM reference competencies are based on the NASA and EASA framework.


At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively under any pressure
  • Collaborate in high-performing teams and quickly adapt to the situation
  • Manage the lack of information and /or fragmented information, coordinating the various roles and responsibilities
  • Cope with situations of high workload and stress
  • Monitor their behaviour and that of their peers by continuously improving it


The course has the following structure:
interactive introduction and discussion of one of the soft skills, briefing and simulation run, debriefing of the activity focused on the referenced soft skill, final discussion to facilitate the transfer of teamwork best practices to immediate practical use.
The course can be held in English or Italian. The duration is three days and at the end, a certificate of completion is issued. All participants will be given resources and references materials in a soft format consisting of PowerPoint presentations, documents, and exercises.


  • Personnel involved in operations with Remotely Piloted Aircraft

  • ESA personnel (astronauts and space mission support staff)

  • Airline pilots and flight controllers

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