In the 3rd edition of the “RPAS Regulation”, issued by ENAC on 15th December 2019, D-Flight was commissioned to be “the portal dedicated to RPAS operators for the provision of registration, geo-awareness and identification services”. Furthermore, on the same platform, it is mandatory to register the drones and purchase the identification QR-Code, as written in Art. 8: “RPAS used for professional purposes, regardless of their weight, and APR operators and/or owners of drones with mass equal to or greater than 250 gr used for recreational activities, are obliged to register on the D-Flight portal and to add the QR identification code on the APR according to the provisions of Article 37”.

From 1 March 2020, therefore, professional operators have to register their drones, import declarations previously made on the ENAC portal and submit new declarations through the portal of the D-Flight platform.
For those who use drones only for recreational purposes, however, the obligation to register and purchase the identification QR-code will be in force only from 1 July 2020. Here are some indications.

Registration on D-Flight website gives access to the basic subscription which allows only the consultation of the maps, but in order to proceed with the purchase of the QR-Codes it is necessary the PRO subscription, that costs € 24.00 per year.

Through the D-flight Market Place it is possible to purchase D-coins, with which the user can then make all online payments on the platform. Each D-Coin has a cost of € 1.00 with a taxable value of 0.82 cents.

Once the D-Coins have been purchased (by online payment with credit card), it will be possible to make to the Pro subscription and, consequently, to purchase the QR-Codes for each drone the operator wants to use. The table shows the fees corresponding to the d-flight services:

Type of drone use

Registration Annual Subscription (VAT included) QR code (VAT included) for each drone

Recreational use




Professional Use free



The PRO subscription, unlike the basic one, also allows the user to submit the declaration (for VLOS operations in standard scenarios).

Before submitting the declaration, the Operators have to pay the expected fee to ENAC, according to what is written on the Authority’s website:

Specialized Critical Operations in non-standard Scenarios and Research and Development Operations Art. 8, 10 will continue to be submitted directly to ENAC through a specific form, while Specialized non-critical Operations or Critical Operations in standard scenarios must be submitted through the D-flight portal.

Previous declarations for critical operations in standard scenarios previously issued to ENAC can be imported on D-Flight Platform free of charge.

NB: to ensure that the declaration is recognized by the D-flight system, it is important that the invoice whose number and date are entered is addressed to the same VAT number and the same PEC address registered on the ENAC portal “Servizi Online”.

As stated in Art. 37 of the transitional rules Reg. ENAC ed.3: “Starting from 1 July 2020 the declarations already submitted by operators for critical operations in standard scenarios through the ENAC website will expire. Within the aforementioned term, these declarations must be confirmed by transfer, without additional charges, on the D-Flight website“.

To recap:

  • For recreational drone operators the annual subscription is free, while for professional operators the cost of the subscription is €24.00;
  • The cost of the QR-Code  for each drone is €6.00 for recreational use only, with the obligation of QR-Code starting  from 1 July 2020;
  • The cost of the QR-Code is € 96.00 for each drone used for professional purposes, with the obligation to register from 1 March 2020.
  • The transfer of previous declarations for critical operations in standard scenarios already issued to ENAC is free of charge;
  • The submission of new declarations from 1 March 2020 must be made compulsory through the D-Flight portal.

EuroUSC Italia offers support to all operators who wish to register on D-Flight portal and to all customers who have already submitted their declarations to ENAC and need to transfer them to the new D-Flight portal by 1 July 2020.

The costs for our consultancy services are as follows:

  • Operator registration + old declaration transfer and/or new declaration submission: 250 €/each;
  • Registration of drones: 20 €/each

For any further info contact us: