Recently, EuroUSC Italia, the Italian company leader in matters of regulation and security in the aviation sector, has become full member of EUROCAE. This membership results largely fruitful: indeed, from this moment on EuroUSC Italia can participate actively in the standardization activities carried out by EUROCAE in Europe and in international contexts and offer more updated and qualified services to its clients.

For years, EuroUSC Italia has participated in the regulatory processes promoted by the main international standardization bodies (such as ICAOJARUS and ISO), in order to transmit its knowledge to its customers through consultancy services and training courses on the European drone regulation. Recently, the Italian company has become full member of EUROCAE (European Organization for Civil Aviation Equipment), the European leader in the development of worldwide recognized industry standards for aviation.

EUROCAE is a non-profit organisation, created in 1963. It is open to industry, service providers, regulators, research institutes and international organizations. Its goal is to develop and coordinate the standardization activities for the European civil aviation, in order to foster the technological progress and ensure a higher safety level. EUROCAE boasts the presence of high-level members from more than 30 countries (see the complete list here). From now on, EuroUSC Italia is also included in this list, with the title of full member.

In EUROCAE EuroUSC Italia will be able to:
– participate in the activities of standardization carried out by the working groups;
– discuss with other partners;
– stay up to date on the latest developments.
Hence, EuroUSC Italia will be able to have a stronger impact on the standards industry and better respond to the customer expectations. In other words, EuroUSC Italia becomes an active protagonist of future changes in the aviation sector, placing itself in a privileged position that companies, individuals and public bodies will be able to exploit to operate with drones.