Last week, on Wednesday 10th March, the kick-off meeting of the new Eu project Enjoy (EgNos based flight Operations) took place in the virtual space shared between 7 European partners. During the meeting, after the presentation of each partner, the consortium leader IDS AirNAv (IT) has offered an overview of the project focusing on its timeline, milestones, deliverables, risks and opportunities.

Enjoy aims at fostering the operational use of EGNOS in aviation by:

  • designing and publishing Performance Based Navigation (PBN) approach flight procedures based on GNSS, specifically EGNOS enables (LPV and PLV200);
  • retrofitting aircraft operators’ fleets with SBAS/EGNOS avionics to allow the supplemental airworthiness certification for RNP APCH procedures down to LPV minima;
  • developing and demonstrating the technical and operational feasibility of enablers focused on the GNSS monitoring and RFI detection in real operational environments.

EuroUSC Italia is partner of the project. In Enjoy it will be responsible for the compliance of the Learning Objectives for instrument rated pilots with the applicable regulation. EuroUSC Italia will also verify the pilot training and eligibility of aircraft, and execution of safety and regulatory assessment. Finally, it will support the project leader in the project monitoring and risks, innovation and financial management.

Enjoy is funded within the GSA/GRANT/06/2017 EGNOS Adoption in Aviation as a 20 months project. Members of the consortium are: IDS AirNav, Euro USC Italia, Aaltronav s.r.o., Aviatický klub s.r.o., PlaneStation Pilsen s.r.o., Walks on air (CZ), Fly For Fun s.r.o.