The International Organization for Standard (ISO) has just approved the standard ISO 5015-2 related to Unmanned Aircraft Systems. All members of SC 16 (UAS) voted in favour of the approval.

The standard complements the generic ISO 9001 certification with regard to operations and operators of vertiports serving vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aircraft (UA), with a mass from few kg to tons.

Robert Garbett, Convenor of ISO TC 20/SC 16/WG 3, declares: “Our WG has already originated ISO 21384-3 covering the organisation of the UAS operator and ISO 23665 as benchmark for schools for remote pilots around the globe. Now the new ISO 5015-2 covers vertiport operators, which would become an essential actor for Urban Air Mobility.”

Filippo Tomasello, Senior Partner at EuroUSC Italia and Project Leader for this standard, states: “ISO has a long-established tradition for providing, through its standards, the basis for certification by Notified Bodies of quality and safety of organisations and now it is developing a complete suite of standards for organisations involved in the universe of unmanned aircraft systems: 5015-2 is just one of them.”

Pasquale Fattore, Engineer of the certifying body RINA known by the European Commission as Notified Body 0474, adds: “RINA has offices throughout the world, which can speak local languages and are ready to complement the generic ISO 9001 certification with the more specific ISO 21384-3 for UAS operators, 23629-12 for UTM service providers, 5015-2 for vertiport operators and similar as they would emerge.”

The standard will be published in the first half of August 2022.

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