EU PROGRAMME : H2020-MG-3-6-2020
DURATION: 36 months | Dec. 2020 – Nov. 2023 |
STATUS: ongoing

FF2020 is a three-year Horizon2020 project that aims at fostering the development of the Urban Air Mobility, in order to meet the social needs of the 21st century, such as safety and environmental sustainability.

FF2020 is convinced that the urban air mobility (UAM) is the best solution to ensure safe, economical and sustainable transport of people and goods. To enable the UAM, FF2020 has designed an urban airspace that will redesign the existing infrastructure and adapt the regulatory frameworks and the service delivery.

Indeed, FF2020 offers an entire state-of-the-art spatial UAM ecosystem which includes a governance model and framework (interoperable and scalable); regulatory framework (machine readable and executable); geospatial digital infrastructure (technology agnostic digital toolbox); Identity of Things Scheme (identity framework for operators, drones and authorities); and interoperability frameworks (technical, semantic, legal, policy and organisational) – which fully comply with existing EU-regulation and yet challenges these regulations by providing new insights.

FF2020 adopts a citizen-centered approach that ensures safety, security, sustainability and efficient services.


Thanks to its experience in regulation, safety and certification in the aviation sector, EuroUSC Italia will provide a major contribution to the project identifying European legislation, directives and standards relating to safety in order to be able to trace the lines of regulatory development in this sector. EuroUSC Italy will also check the tests and contribute to the implementation of the case studies. Finally, EuroUSC Italia will take care of training activities for Living Labs and for external parties following the JAA-TO methodology.

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