EU PROGRAMME : H2020 SESAR-ER4-30-2019
DURATION: 30 months | July 2020 – Dec. 2022 |
STATUS: ongoing

The SAFELAND project aims at supporting flight and landing of aircraft operated by a single pilot, in case of partial or total incapacitation of the pilot. It will focus on the ground side and in particular on the role of the Air Traffic Management (ATM).

Pilots may become incapacitated during flight and this represents a significant risk. There are two dominant concept design approaches on Single Pilot Operations (SPO) and these different approaches have an impact on how the problem of incapacitation could be addressed. The first is Replacement Through Automation, based on a high level of automation and AI. The second approach is the Second Pilot Displacement to the ground, which integrates advanced automation with ground support offered by a remote pilot.

SAFELAND will consider both approaches with the aim of enhancing safety in case of single pilot incapacitation, through an improved ground support centred concept, offering crucial contribution for the management of the flight until its safe landing.

EuroUSC Italia has extensive experience in the assessment of the regulatory compliance for drone operations and it has acquired knowledge of rules, procedures and technical standards employed worldwide. For this reason, EuroUSC Italia is expected to contribute mainly in investigation of regulatory constraints and evaluation, including the development of several concepts of operations or operational scenarios in relation to the European RPAS Roadmap, to Electronic Flight Bags, Performance-Based Navigation and Integrated Modular Avionics.

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