The countdown for SAMWISE has just begun. This tool has been developed by EuroUSC Italia to simplify the risk analysis based on SORA, the methodology implemented by JARUS and recommended by the new EASA regulation for operations in the Specific category. Currently, the tool is available in its free version, but soon SAMWISE Pro will be launched with more functionalities and a higher level of automation.

In its basic free version, SAMWISE has already been successfully used by several hundreds of operators, companies and national bodies, to assess the risk for third parties on the ground and in flight. Through the SORA methodology, the tool proposes a list of mitigations to implement in order to assure a safer operation. SAMWISE Pro, sooner out, will further reduce the time and cost of the analysis, to facilitate operators and reduce their effort.

First and only web-tool to support the Specific operations envisaged by the new EASA Regulation, SAMWISE is the result of EuroUSC Italia consolidated experience in the field of regulation and safety in the drone sector, also acquired as a member of the JARUS group that developed the SORA analysis.

The free version of SAMWISE is available on the website

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