EuroUSC Italia – Drone services and regulations


EuroUSC Italia represents Italy in the Subcommittee 16 (UAS) of the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) Technical Committee/20 (TC/20). In addition, it participates in the RTCA SC 228 and in the activities of the European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment (Eurocae) WG 105.

The company collaborates and participates also in many events and activities organised by the following International Organisation:

  • ICAO
  • European Commission and EASA
  • Eurocae

The participation in the activities of international standardization consists in writing and negotiating “Standards and Recommended Practices” (SARPs) in ICAO domain, together with the definition of national and international requirements through the Joint Authorities on Unmanned Systems (JARUS) and EASA, and activities of industrial standardization (e.g. Eurocae, ISO).

Since the beginning, EuroUSC Italia participated in the above-mentioned activities with the role of:

  • Observer in the ICAO RPAS Panel, accredited by UVS International
  • Member in JARUS Plenary Assembly, accredited by the Estonian Minister of the Transportation
  • Experts in Eurocae area of interest.