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The 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) in Shangai: new possible integrations between AI and Unmanned Aircraft Systems

The 2019 World Artificial Intelligence (AI) Conference (WAIC) took place in Shanghai (China) on 27 August. The Conference was devoted to AI applications in relation to Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).
The Conference was sponsored by the Government of the Jinshan District, which hosts the “UAS Base”, and organised by the Aircraft owner and Pilot Association (AOPA) of China.
In was attended by about 200 international experts from several countries of the world. In addition to Chinese experts, presentations were delivered by speakers coming from Germany, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, USA and Italy. For the latter, Prof. Filippo Tomasello of University Giustino Fortunato and Senior Partner of EuroUSC Italia, discussed how autonomous UAS operations, although not standardised by the International Civil Aviation Conference (ICAO) are legal in the European Union, based on Commission Regulation 2019/947. Companies wishing to exploit this possibility shall however develop a safety risk assessment for which the SAMWISE tool developed by EuroUSC Italia may prove useful.
Mrs Angela Guo, Executive Director of AOPA China declared: “We are very pleased seeing experts from several countries of the world coming in the Jinshan District to discuss with us the further development of UAS. A particular thank to Prof. Filippo Tomasello whose friendly attitude is well-known in China”.
Prof. Filippo Tomasello added: “I am very honoured by the warm hospitality offered to me by AOPA China. I see that the world of UAS is rapidly evolving towards more complex applications. And the lead is presently in China for mass production, but in Eutope for safety and regulation”.

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