The strength of EuroUSC Italia lies in its experience and knowledge. Since other companies also have good experiences and knowledge, EuroUSC Italia has created new synergies and partnerships to offer tailor-made solutions and services almost all over the world.

Collaboration with leading companies and organizations located in different parts of the world allows us to better satisfy our customers, managing projects directly on site and in local languages.

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Our partners

We provide initial theoretical and practical training courses (in Italian) for remote pilots operating in the Open and Specific category, through Aerovision.

We collaborate with AP74 to offer theoretical courses regarding the SORA (Specific Operations Risk Assessment) methodology.

We cooperate with Deep Blue for training, consultancy and European projects.

We are working to provide D-Flight clients with the Risk Analysis Assistance (RAA) service, as required in ISO 23629-12, through our SAMWISE web tool.

We are partners of EuroUSC Spain in several European projects and for training and consulting in Spain.

We develop and deliver UAS courses in English to the JAA Training Organisation, an associated body of the European Civil Aviation Conference.

We are NTSU Aviation‘s partner for training, regulation, verification or regulatory compliance and safety assessment in relation to UAS operating in sub-Saharan Africa.

We are partners of UA 365 in offering training courses, support in authorization practices and in implementing and promoting the SAMWISE web tool.

We partner with Percepto Autonomous Solutions for training, verification or regulatory compliance and security assessment in relation to operations conducted by Percepto customers anywhere in the world.