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Gaining Safety and Security with Drone Inspections of Critical Infrastructures

In an ever-evolving world, safety and security are preeminent concerns across various industries, whether it’s ensuring the integrity of critical infrastructure or safeguarding against potential threats. The advent of drone technology has significantly facilitated inspections, [...]

EuroUSC Italia obtains the ISO 9001 certification

EuroUSC Italia has successfully secured the ISO 9001 certification, affirming its commitment to delivering high-quality services through well-defined and standardized processes. This milestone not only acknowledges their dedication but also highlights their focus on operational [...]

Novembre 6th, 2023|Categorie: Senza categoria|

Flight AI: a dip into the platform

The Flight AI project aims to facilitate the compilation of the safety risk assessment document, as established for drone operations in Specific Category by EASA, by integrating into SAMWISE the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology [...]

Maggio 25th, 2023|Categorie: Drones, European projects, News|