On December 15th , 2021, the members of JEDA (Joint European Drone Associations) Board of Directors designated Sara Mangoni, representative member for ASSORPAS, Secretary General of the Association. Her role is to provide strategic leadership for JEDA together with the other Members of the JEDA Executive Committee and develop strong relations with other bodies and associations. 

JEDA is a new policy-oriented partnership of European drone-related associations which formally was created in Brussels in November 2021. Its aim is to promote the interests of the growing number of European stakeholders engaged in the drone sector and foster the EU legislative and regulatory activity, taking into account also Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. Sara Mangoni, representing the Italian ASSORPAS in the Board of Directors (BoD) of JEDA and Business Support Manager at EuroUSC Italia, has been just designated by the BoD Secretary General. Her nomination strengthens her role in JEDA: indeed, as Secretary General she will provide strategic leadership for the Association, support the Chairman to represent it externally and develop strong relations with other bodies and associations.  In addition, she will represent the Italian and ASSORPAS views in the BoD.

«These years are challenging for the European industry of drones and JEDA has put a strong board in place to support this challenge» states Sara Mangoni «I am delighted to be part of the JEDA board as Secretary general to contribute in any way possible to support the associations and helping them grow.»

The designations of Mr Achim Friedl (UAV-DACH, Chair) of Sara and of the other three members of the Executive Committee will be submitted to ratification by the JEDA General Assembly on 22 February 2022.



Currently, the members of JEDA are ADA (Albanian Drone Association) AlbaniaAPANT (Associação Portuguesa de Aeronaves Não Tripuladas) PortugalASSORPAS (Associazione Italiana Droni) ItalyBAIA (Bulgarian Aviation Industry Association) BulgariaBDF (Belgian Drone Federation) BelgiumDCRO (Dutch Certified RPAS Operators) Netherlands, DRONEA (Asociacija DroneA) LithuaniaEAC (Estonian Aviation Cluster) EstoniaEUKA (Vlaamse Drone Federatie) BelgiumFDPC (Fédération Professionnelle du Drone Civil) FranceH.U.S.I. (Hellenic U-Space Institute) GreeceLARPAS (Latvian Association of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) LatviaRPAS Finland Ry FinlandUAAI (Unmanned Aircraft Association of Ireland) IrelandUAV DACH (Unmanned Aviation Association) GermanyAustria, Switzerland.

JEDA is open and welcomes national UAS associations from all EASA member states and EU candidate countries. And of course, also other Italian associations, in addition to ASSORPAS, if they will so wish.



Sara Mangoni started working in 2014 for Deep Blue co-operating in the project AIRVET. In August 2014 she trained as an intern in the UK at EuroUSC International to learn the way of organizing the course to obtain the BNUC-S™ certificate for pilots of unmanned aircraft. Since October 2014 she has been working as Business Support Administrator at EuroUSC Italia. She is currently responsible for the budget planning, financial reporting and dissemination of the European Projects which EuroUSC Italia is involved in: AW-DronesREALITYSAFELANDICARUS, FF2020 and RADIUS. She is also the EuroUSC Italia main Responsible for the project LAVORI IN CORSO, to mitigate the phenomenon of educational, social and environmental poverty. Furthermore, since 2020 she is member of the Board of Director of ASSORPAS, the biggest Italian Association of Flight Schools and Drone Operators, where she covers also the role of International Relations Responsible.